Project Management

Construction Financial Team Collaboration Solution

Linking Subcontractor, Main Contractor and Professional Teams

Communication between all parties during construction is difficult. There are the professional teams, which include the principle agent, the project quantity surveyor and the engineering consultants on the one side and the main contractor and main contractor’s subcontractors on the other. Whimbrel has developed a solution, in which all parties have their own custom developed application. Access is controlled so each group can only view and alter information where they are permitted.

Whimbrel’s construction financial communicator typically covers the following:

  • All site instructions given by the principle agent are captured on the system by the main contactor
  • The project’s quantity surveyor approves all the costs
  • If agreed the principle agent can approve the variations on the system
  • The professional team can control and manage all variations and additional costs on one system
  • Instructions can be issued to the main contractor online
  • Resolves the issue of continually having to hunt for emails
  • Issues get resolved as required rather than towards the end of the contract
  • Architects and the project managers can control and manage all the latest drawings and requests for information from the main contractor
  • Main contractors simply add their markup for new items or use the loaded bill of quantities
  • Main contractors instruct the subcontractors to carry out the work only once the principle agent has approved the variation
  • Automatic email alerts when required
  • Software is configured for each customer which ensures the software is easy to use
  • Subcontractors can quote directly on the system
  • The tendered bill of quantity can be loaded for each subcontractor
  • Subcontractor can communicate on the system’s reports by confirming when work is completed and what payments are outstanding

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