Excel Development Using Excel VBA Macros – NEW
Whimbrel has recently developed applications for businesses using Microsoft Excel VBA Macros. This type of Excel automation is a perfect solution for businesses that require quick, affordable software solutions for a few users. Often business are already using Excel but have problems with errors, broken links and complexity with little macro automation. Examples of systems we have completed using Excel Macros includes:

  • Construction Estimating Packages
  • Manufacturing Cutting Schedules
  • Quotation and Estimating Packages
  • Linking Construction Estimating Software to Bills of Quantities
  • Reporting on labour costs and time and attendance systems
  • Other Solutions that Require complex formulation and have few users

Whimbrel believes that the most important factor in successful software customisation lies in extensive consultation during the design. We at Whimbrel strive to include all the users in the design process to ensure that their concerns and recommendations are included in the final product. Many off the-shelf software solutions lack flexibility, forcing people to change the way they work and communicate. It is crucial for success that systems are designed around existing company cultures and processes.

Whimbrel’s customised software solutions gives management a clear vision and control of the business’s crucial information, be it financial or sales based. This enables management to make the correct strategic decisions, which helps reduce costs, improve pricing and increase profit margins.

Design Phase
The company’s requirements are fully investigated. From the beginning, we believe that it is vital that the management and the users are involved in the design of the new system. This inclusion enables Whimbrel to better understand the company’s procedures and, at the same time, ensures that the personnel are committed to the solution.

Introduction Phase
Our existing software building blocks and solutions are normally used to create the first version of the software. This means that the first version can be configured in a relatively short period of time – on average two to three months.

Personnel start using the software at this stage. This enables us to ascertain, which features are working for the company. We also identify any problems the staff might have in communicating with each other, bearing in mind that some information will need to be shared.

Improvement Phase
The software is then comprehensively analysed so that improvements can be made. We meet with the management and the users to discuss any suggestions for additional features. In our experience it is at this stage that we obtain the most beneficial feedback. The software has been in operation for long enough for the users to understand its potential. And with this knowledge, users are better able to contribute to its refinement.

Software Support Phase
At Whimbrel we offer ongoing support for our software. We generally have a meeting with our clients, once a quarter, to discuss where extra features may be needed or changes made to the software. Frequently, our clients ask for configuration of further applications and software integration. In addition, if a company has their databases on a hosting server on the internet and want extended support, we can arrange this by having access to their systems.

Benefits of Whimbrel’s Software Solutions
Whimbrel uses an extensive library of software building blocks and solutions that can be tailored to your company’s exact requirements.

This method of software development eliminates the disadvantages of bespoke software; namely risk, cost and support problems, leaving only the advantages; flexibility and simplicity.

Whimbrel has been used to develop a range of software applications for businesses from financial management, job costing, cost accounting, to construction plant and scaffolding management packages.

Work in partnership with a company that understands that your business needs software that is simple to use. Whimbrel also appreciates that interaction and communication with the managers and staff, who utilize the software, is paramount.

Whimbrel can be adapted to present and future business requirements with minimal cost and disruption. Unlike off-theshelf software, Whimbrel is designed to fit your style of management and to evolve with your business.

Whimbrel consists of a library of software building blocks that have been tried and tested in diverse industries over a number of years and have proved very cost-effective. In a relatively short time, these building blocks can be configured to suit your business at an affordable price.

Whimbrel can be fully integrated with most commercial software packages, improving communication across your business.

Other Benefits
Whimbrel is fully compatible with Microsoft Excel, and where possible can be fully integrated with existing software. The data from your existing spreadsheets can be incorporated into the new software. All data reports generated in Whimbrel can also be imported into Microsoft Excel in the format and style that suits your business. Bespoke templates can be designed in Excel and we can populate these with data from the system. You have the choice of using your company’s local network to share data, or using a hosting service to communicate over the internet, allowing you to choose where your data should reside. Whimbrel’s software solutions are very flexible and you can move your databases from a hosting server on the internet to your local area network and back in a few minutes.