Integration of Candy’s (CCS) Estimating Software with Pastel’s Accounting Software

Whimbrel has developed a middleware application that integrates directly with Pastel’s Pervasive database.

In addition, the product can integrate Pastel with other software applications, legacy databases and spreadsheets. The middleware application can also integrate Pastel with Whimbrel’s software applications, such us our job costing and plant management solutions.

Whimbrel specialises in financial reporting and can custom configure financial reports that can not be generated in Pastel itself.

Using Whimbrel’s middleware application we can:

  • Integrate directly with Pastel’s Pervasive database
  • Update financial data from Pastel on a monthly or weekly basis
  • Capture additional financial information that can’t be captured on Pastel
  • Integrate with other financial and business software packages
  • Customise your financial reporting
  • Export all reports to Microsoft Excel with all the formatting automated
  • Customise your financial user interfaces
  • Facilitate communication between Whimbrel’s solutions and Pastel’s accounting package.

Benefits over static financial reporting tools

Whimbrel has developed a separate financial middleware application that can be configured to a company’s exact needs. Its main advantage over a Pastel bolt-on financial reporting tool is that it is a separate application and has its own database.

This ensures that new data imported from Pastel will not compromise any of the existing data previously imported from Pastel. The system only imports new data from Pastel that has been captured since the last update, thus ensuring good synchronisation.

Additional information and categories can now be set up on the middleware application, enabling Whimbrel to design custom reports that cannot be generated in Pastel or in a Pastel bolt-on financial reporting tool.

Advantages of a custom designed middleware application

Whimbrel can also change Pastel’s financial data programmatically as the middleware application is being updated. This is useful when the data from Pastel needs to be integrated with other financial or business packages. An example of this is integrating Pastel’s accounting data with Candy’s estimating software (Candy or CCS is a popular construction estimating package). To achieve this goal, all the data needs to be altered and re-categorised during the integration process.

Integrating financial data is challenging. A company generally is forced to change the ledger codes on their accounting package, in order to match the categories, on the financial software they need to integrate. This is not necessary, however, if the middleware integration application is used, as Whimbrel can alter the financial data’s structure as it is being imported from the accounts’ package.

Whimbrel’s software application can be designed to your specific requirements and the technical skills of your personnel. Whimbrel can also develop new customised applications for your company and integrate these new solutions with your existing software applications.