Growing your business requires the right software solutions to ensure good communication between the different software applications. Having a single integrated management information system across your enterprise is a necessity. Whimbrel has developed many successful business and financial software solutions for various industries, including construction, plant hire, mining and manufacturing.

Customised Software Solutions and Integration

Securing the correct software solutions for your business can be a frustrating undertaking. Off-the-shelf software solutions do not cover all business needs and can be difficult to use. Alternatively, developing bespoke software in-house can be expensive and risky.

To make our services affordable and remove the risk of bespoke software development, Whimbrel has developed a range of software solutions, which consist of a set of sophisticated software building blocks. Using this powerful and extensive library of software components we can configure all our solutions to your existing processes and people’s skills. This ensures we deliver software solutions quickly and within budgets.

Whimbrel’s software solutions have been developed using the latest Microsoft .Net programming technologies. The data can be accessed and shared either over a local area network or the internet’s cloud or a combination of both.

Solutions are designed to export data into Microsoft Excel with all the formatting automated during the export process. Our software can also be integrated with various accounting, estimating and other commercial software packages.

Business Analysis

The business analysis must be correct to ensure successful software projects. Whimbrel specialises in identifying business problems while taking into account long term goals.

Whimbrel takes responsibility for identifying changing needs developing and configuring the software to suit these needs, whilst supporting the business through-out the implementation process.

Change Management

Whimbrel recognises that successful implementation of software solutions can only be achieved through good change management, an emphasis is also placed on improving financial management and control. This ensures that improvements in both productivity and collaboration are achieved.

From the beginning of the project we strive to ensure that all stakeholders are fully engaged. Change is not comfortable for many people; a company’s workforce will need both help and an improvement in skills to handle change. The challenge is getting people on board by managing resistance effectively, thereby ensuring the required changes are implemented efficiently.

Leadership and Skills Development

Whimbrel’s software services include training and mentoring of key personnel to prepare them for leadership roles within the new software environment.

We will act as a skills development facilitator within the organisation. This includes assisting personnel to develop their core financial and management skills.