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Whimbrel Tool and Equipment Hire Software reduces the cost of running your tool rental business by increasing efficiency, creating more time to manage your business and personnel, increasing profits. Improve your business performance by streamlining your maintenance, storage and sales processes. Whimbrel Tool and Equipment Hire Software includes powerful industry specific financial and operational reports to better manage your rental items assisting business owners and managers, when making strategic decisions.

Using the correct hire software ensures you schedule and track maintenance so you always know whether an item or piece of equipment is available before renting it to a customer. Whimbrel software reduces downtime by scheduling services and repairs correctly and ensures preventative maintenance is introduced.

Our solutions can be customised to your requirements but some of our typical features include:

  • Generates customer contracts when hiring out tools and equipment
  • Manage both COD and accounts customers
  • Control large plant machine hours and operators
  • Automatic email alerts for late COD returns
  • Seamlessly creates invoices for items of equipment when returned and integrates with the business account package
  • Receive warning and email alerts when services are due or overdue
  • Use Whimbrel’s advanced reporting engine to better control your operations
  • Maintains a detailed history of all maintenance activities performed
  • Manages all customers with custom designed reports whether they are cash on delivery or account
  • Designs a powerful tool and equipment register which includes rates, depreciation, status, location, specific numbers and dates
  • Manage workshop job cards and invoicing
  • Record historical maintenance of all equipment items

Tool and equipment hire system’s integration
Our solutions can be integrated with your existing accounting package and other Whimbrel software products, including Whimbrel’s Bill of Material Solution.

Benefits of custom designed software
At Whimbrel we develop software solutions tailored to your business’s processes and personnel. This ensures that our solutions are accepted quickly by your personnel. In addition the software can evolve as your business changes and grows.

Pastel Partner integration
Whimbrel can be directly linked to Pastel Partner, all orders and invoices created on Whimbrel can be seamlessly updated in real time to Pastel Partner.