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Keeping track of scaffolding and related costs in the construction industry, whether you are a scaffolding hire company or using your own scaffolding can be challenging. Scaffolding can be damaged, lost or stolen on site. It is therefore vital to keep track of items being used on site, items that have been moved from site and stock in store.

In addition, if labour is being supplied these costs need to be allocated to the appropriate site. Calculating costs or income manually can be tedious, as scaffolding is continuously being moved. This process has been completely automated by Whimbrel software. Whimbrel is a cloud based application and can be accessed by site and storage depot.

Whimbrel’s scaffolding management system has the following features:

  • Records opening and closing balances for each site
  • Manages scaffolding movements from site to site and to storage
  • A double entry system to eliminate errors
  • Custom designed scaffolding stock reports and invoicing templates
  • Scaffolding labour management module
  • Keeps track of daily, weekly and monthly scaffolding hire income
  • Controls new scaffolding purchased
  • Additional modules can be developed if required
  • Manages scaffolding inspections
  • Calculates cost per item and cost per ton
  • Measures labour costs for erection and dismantling
  • Customised scaffolding templates
  • All reports can be exported to Microsoft Excel with all the formatting automated

Problems with commercial scaffolding management software
Commercial scaffolding management software can be frustrating to use. These systems are designed to suit all scaffolding companies and are often overly complex, with most of the features irrelevant to a specific company. Commercial scaffolding management software can also be difficult to integrate with the company’s existing software systems.

Benefits of custom designed scaffolding management software
Whimbrel has developed a number of software scaffolding modules that can be configure to your requirements and the skills of your personnel. We have designed our modules to suit both contractors and scaffolding hire companies. The software is flexible and additional modules can be added to include tools, plant, formwork, false work and access equipment if required.

At Whimbrel we also specialise in software integration and can integrate your scaffolding management software with your existing accounts’ packages, hire or construction software.

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