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  • Text and SMS Messaging for Construction and Plant Management

  • Advantages of Messaging Technology

Text and SMS Messaging

Whimbrel Software has developed text messaging technology to create two way digital communication between the software and your customers, your personnel and your suppliers .

Communicating between Whimbrel Software and users in the field is made simple with Whimbrel’s SMS messaging solutions. For example, job card messages can be sent from Whimbrel to the staff member in the field, completed for a specific job and then sent back to Whimbrel’s job costing module. Another example would be when templates are sent out for users to capture their diesel litres when filling up a company vehicle.

Text messaging solutions make it easier to manage your customer’s requests and to give live feedback to your customer. With text messaging solutions you stay one step ahead of your competitors.

To explain how the text messaging works, in more detail, we have an example below:

An automated text can be sent from Whimbrel Software, alerting a customer that an electrician or plumber has been scheduled to the job at a certain date and time. If the time is suitable the customer can SMS back 1. If they wish to reschedule they can SMS back 2. The customer texts back their choice and it is displayed using Whimbrel’s customised job diary and costing reports. Once the job is completed, a text can be sent to the customer informing them, with a request description of the job and the costs. You can also request the customer to rate your electrician’s/plumber’s service. All the communication between you and your customer is managed from Whimbrel Software which creates alerts and notifications. It also and costs each job using Whimbrel’s job costing module.

With this technology, it is possible to get multiple conversations going with your customers and your personnel. All the conversations are managed within the software itself, automating processes and making it easier for customers and personnel to communicate digitally. If customers or staff wish to have emails sent this can also be automated via the software.

Text and SMS Messaging for Construction and Plant Management

Below is a diagram to demonstrating how the SMS messaging works for construction or plant companies. A message template is sent by Whimbrel to the user’s mobile phone. The message is then copied and filled out by the user and sent back to Whimbrel. Whimbrel checks the integrity of the software and sends back an additional message if required. The message is automatically imported to Whimbrel and used across Whimbrel’s business reports, alerts and approvals.

Examples of SMS messaging:

• Issuing customised job cards to mechanics to completed In the field and sent back to Whimbrel

• Operators sending in their daily machine hours, hire hours and GET chargeable mm ware

• Notifying the diesel litres filled each time a plant item or vehicle is topped up

• Health and safety checks sent to safety staff on site to be filled out when appropriate

• Site Daily Diaries completed on site

• Procurement orders authorised by the required authorisors

• Site agents and foremen sending alerts and notifications

• Clients sent weekly updates, for example plant hirers can send weekly plant costs for approval

Advantages of Messaging Technology

Messaging technology is a simple cost effective way to communicate with clients and staff outside of the Whimbrel Software Platform. The Advantages include the following:

• Cost Effective Compared to Mobile Apps

• Templates can be customised on the fly, no need for expensive app development

• SMS messages are in the public domain which makes the technology an easy way to communicate with clients. Clients can be reluctant to use third party mobile apps.

• Personnel can use their own phones and Whimbrel can measure the number of SMS’s send by a staff member, should they need to be reimbursed

• Requires a limited signal and there is no need for mobile data connections

• No passwords need to be remembered

• Can be used with very basic mobile phone skills

• Does not require expensive smart phones