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Businesses need payroll systems that improve productivity and are simple to understand. Rather than using complex tax formulas, Whimbrel uses tax tables to calculate tax liabilities. This is a simpler way to measure tax, with the tax tables being loaded onto the software each year.

Whimbrel’s payroll software makes it easier to manage payroll as the tax formula is very simple. It is also possible to design bespoke payroll payslips, payroll reports and manage an unlimited number of employees’ payroll on the software.

Typical features include:

  • Pay can be processed on a weekly, fortnightly or monthly basis
  • Captures normal, overtime, bonus and leave pay
  • Calculates pension deductions
  • Calculates income tax payments
  • Calculates other tax liabilities
  • Manages company loan re-payments
  • Bespoke employees’ payroll payslips
  • Choose from a number of payroll reports

Whimbrel Payroll Integration
Whimbrel’s payroll software can be integrated with other Whimbrel software solutions and your accounting package.

Payroll Reports
Whimbrel has a number of payroll reports that can be configured to your requirements. These reports can be used to calculate annual and quarterly figures for government tax departments. Whimbrel can also integrate your data with government online tax systems and most bank payment systems.