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Commercial meat processing software can be difficult for sales team. Meat processing companies typically use complex ERP systems that are often not suitable for the sales personnel.

Sales software designed to specific sales requirements can increase productivity and reduce operational overhead costs. Whimbrel has developed a software application that can be configured to suit the challenging requirements of meat processing sales departments.

The software includes the following.

  • Keeps track of sales orders
  • Processes repetitive orders
  • Manages global exports and shipments
  • Manages customer contacts
  • Custom designed meat processing sales reports
  • Measures sale values by food products and types
  • Tracks Products
  • Manages different meat cuts
  • Custom designed customer templates
  • Manages meat by-products
  • All reports can be exported to Microsoft Excel with all the formatting automated

Integrate with existing ERP software
Whimbrel specialises in software integration. We can integrate our meat processing software with the company’s ERP application, legacy database or other commercial software solutions.

Flexible software modules
Our meat processing sales modules can be customised to the requirements of the sales department and can evolve if the business changes or grows.

Whimbrel’s meat processing software has been designed around the challenges of a short shelf life and the constantly changing demand of the meat processing industry.