Material Handling and Scheduling

Manufacturing companies need to control the type and quantities of materials they purchase and fabricate in-house. Companies need to meet future customer demands at the lowest possible cost. If your manufacturing company depends on spreadsheets, legacy systems or hand filled forms to manage materials there is a good chance high error rates are hurting your profit margins

Whimbrel has developed a powerful material handling and scheduling software application that streamlines operational and financial planning. This application integrates seamlessly with Whimbrel’s flexible Bill of Material Software solutions and can be customised to your exact requirements. It tracks the assembly of all raw materials and finished goods, helping you make the correct decisions on what to make and what to buy.

Our solutions can be customised to your requirements but some of our typical features include:

  • Manages any part of the material handling
  • Controls fabrication of assemblies and sub-assemblies
  • Keeps track of inventory
  • Monitors stock levels
  • Ensure products get produced on time with minimal waste
  • Double check that orders contain the correct item numbers
  • Design customised reports
  • Controls laser cuts, saw cuts and cut to size parts
  • Link products and work orders to streamline material handling
  • Import Solid Works or CAD data including general parts or bill of materials lists

Manufacturing system’s integration

Our solutions can be integrated with your existing accounting package and other Whimbrel software products, including Whimbrel’s Bill of Material solution.

Benefits of custom designed software

At Whimbrel we develop software solutions tailored to your business’s processes and personnel. This ensures that our solutions are accepted quickly by your personnel. In addition the software can evolve as your business changes and grows.

Pastel Partner integration

Whimbrel can be directly linked to Pastel Partner, all orders and invoices created on Whimbrel can be seamlessly updated in real time to Pastel Partner.