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Many SME business owners find accounting software packages restrictive and difficult to use, resulting in spreadsheets or manual systems being used as an alternative. Ultimately, this can lead to the unfortunate owner losing financial control of his business.

At Whimbrel we have developed a number of powerful financial management modules, which enable us to deliver software designed to the specific requirements of a company. Our solution is a compromise between the flexibility of spreadsheets and the tighter financial controls of accounts’ packages. The software has assisted owners regain financial control of their businesses, while ensuring that they have the information they need to make the correct financial decisions.

Whimbrel’s financial management solutions typically include the following:

  • Purchase order management
  • Cash flow management
  • Creditor control
  • Debtor control
  • Vat control
  • General cost and overhead costs
  • Bank reconciliations
  • Customised financial reports
  • All reports can be exported to Microsoft Excel with all the formatting automated

Integrating with accounts’ packages
The financial management software has been designed with integration in mind. Auditors and external accountants find it too onerous to work with multiple spreadsheets or manual systems. Whimbrel’s financial software ensures that your company’s financial data can be imported back into an accounts’ package for the year end audit.

Easily comprehensible financial reports
Many SME business owners do not come from financial backgrounds and find their accounts intimidating. This results in them becoming over reliant on their accountants for information but important financial decisions may need to be made quickly. Accountants are generally seen, however, only a couple of times in the year.

At Whimbrel we specialise in providing systems that are tailored to your company’s daily and monthly financial reporting needs, especially with regards to cash flow management. We also specialise in configuring systems to suit your personnel’s financial skills. It is important that the professional backgrounds of your personnel are taken into account when designing software.