construction_sml  Estimating_and_Accounting

Capturing financial information in two separate financial software packages can prove challenging for construction companies. Comparing actual values on the accounting package with allowable values on the estimating package is almost impossible. This creates communication barriers between the estimating, quantity surveying and accounting professionals.

Whimbrel has developed a middleware package for the construction industry that has the ability to combine information from both accounting and estimating packages. An example of the type of packages Whimbrel has integrated is Candy’s estimating package and Pastel’s accounting package.

The middleware construction integration package has the following features.

  • Compares actual to allowable costs and includes:
    • Preliminaries and General
    • Labour
    • Plant
    • Materials
    • Subcontractors
  • Reconciles Subcontractors’ Retentions and Contra Charges
  • Connects to other Whimbrel bespoke software solutions including:
    • Customised labour management software solutions
    • Customised plant management software solutions
    • Customised subcontractor software solutions
  • Produces comparison summary reports that can drill down into more detailed financial data
  • Reports can be fully customised

Benefits of Middleware Application
Having the ability to compare actual to allowable costs enables estimators to check the accuracy of their tenders, rates and pricing on a monthly basis. This information helps site management teams reduce and manage variable construction costs, including site labour, P&G costs, and material wastage. Subcontractor certificates can be reconciled to the actual amounts paid, and subcontractor retention cash flows can be better managed.

Improving Communication and Control
Combining financial reporting dramatically improves communication between estimating and accounting departments. Both sides now have access to each others data and reporting can be configured to both parties’ requirements. Having comparison reports gives construction directors and owners full control over monthly contract costs, and assists in controlling sensitive costs and resources.