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Small and medium size companies find obtaining integrated software solutions challenging. There are many Customer Relationship Management, job costing and accounting solutions on the market. But SMEs often require integrated software systems with various features from different commercial software packages. Whimbrel has designed a solution that caters for Customer Relationship Management, job costing and customer financial management requirements. The software has been designed specifically for SMEs and has proved very successful.

We typically include the following features; our customers can choose which features they wish to include and additional features can be added if required.

  • Customer Relationship Management Module
    • Managing contacts and companies
    • Fully customise Customer Relationship Management fields to your requirements
    • Readable reports
  • A Choice of Job Costing Modules
    • Manufacturing
    • Packaging
    • Construction
    • Plant Hire
    • Customised job costing
  • Quotations, Orders and Invoicing Module
    • Customised financial templates
    • Easy to read financial reports
    • Integrates with accounting packages
    • Keeps your customer’s financial data and job costing data on the same system

Benefits of Integrated Solutions
Having one system that covers a number of different requirements saves time and is easier to manage, as all the data is kept together on one system. Our solutions can be customised, which ensures that only the features required are included in the final solution.

Integrates with Existing Software Packages
All our software solutions can be integrated with the company’s existing software, including accounting, sales and other specialised software packages. Fully integrated software has many advantages; it can save time and assist management to make the best strategic decisions.