Bill of Materials

A good Bill of Material (BOM) software solution for manufacturing businesses ensures higher profitability across products. Whimbrel’s Bill of Material Solution can accurately identify and list the components required, giving you the confidence that your company, your suppliers and external subcontractors are all contributing towards producing the correct product.

Whimbrel’s Bill of Material software solution enables manufacturing companies to improve productivity, decrease production costs and improve quality. Whimbrel’s BOM software is the perfect upgrade from legacy BOM software systems and Excel spreadsheets, both of which can be extremely tedious and prone to error.

Our solutions can be customised to your requirements but some of our typical features include:

  • Powerful BOM parts explosion reporting:
    • Parts ordered depending on BOM levels
    • Click through to edit parts from BOM explosion report
    • Orphaned parts error report
  • Searchable parts reporting
    • Search BOM database for parts from multiple fields
    • Search for parent assemblies and parts from child part numbers
  • Part input screens
    • Quickly adds parts from drawings
    • Option to export parts directly from CAD
    • System checks for duplicate parts
    • Predictive text dropdown boxes to add common descriptions

Manufacturing system’s integration
Our solutions can be integrated with your existing accounting package and other Whimbrel manufacturing software products, including Whimbrel’s manufacturing job costing software and production scheduling software.

Benefits of custom designed software
At Whimbrel we develop software solutions tailored to your business’s processes and personnel. This ensures that our solutions are accepted quickly by your personnel. In addition the software can evolve as your business changes and grows.